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Leadership & Business Focus

Build and drive your empire.

Strong workplace culture is the key to success. You cannot build a house without a strong foundation. We’ll discuss how to build a community and team to ensure high customer satisfaction and employee retention.

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Accomplished Senior Executive and Leadership Coach recognized for 10+ years of sales operations, consumer lending, transformation, and business development experience across the real estate and technology sectors.

  • Strategic Leader who excels at mobilizing global teams to deliver large-scale transformations from the ground up.
  • Talent Developer and mentor skilled at building high caliber teams while ensuring productivity and performance.
  • Skilled in optimizing sales cycles, defining the customer experience, accelerating revenue growth, and building offshore teams.
  • Trained in Neuroscience-based Coaching methodologies by the NeuroLeadership Institute, a leader in the space of management consultancy and neuroscience research.
  • A Creative who has the eye and voice needed for building brand narratives, marketing campaigns, sales scripts, lifecycle marketing, and defining customer experience.

Areas of Expertise

Business & Sales Transformation

Organizational Change

Pricing Optimization

Offshore Teams

Third-Part Contact Center

CRM Implementation

Sales Enablement Management

Customer Experience Management

Lifecycle Email and SMS Marketing

Sales Scripts & Customer Journey

Leadership Training & Coaching

Performance Management

Grow Professionally with Coaching

Achieve success and recognition in your business by optimizing your brand, operations, influence, management, and team culture.

Brand Development

Create a unique presence for your business that drives home your core principles, honing in on your voice, and conveying your story concisely. Establish concrete value propositions to make your business stand out amongst the competition. We will ensure that your website, social media, and customer experience are all aligned with your core principles.

Business Development

Build a self-sustaining operating model that is efficient, smart, and resourceful. Make your model scalable, adaptable, and recession-proof. We will account for potential risks and ensure that your business can withstand any economic environment. If you're working for a company, we can discuss how you can become an indispensable asset to your current position.

Sales and Buy-in

Learn how to get your point across in any situation, dismantle objections, and build a strong community to support you. Gain buy-in from your customers, supervisor, and/or peers. We will improve your public speaking and written communications to ensure that everything you release into the world makes the most impact.

Lead Well

Learn how to lead, coach, and manage your team at work effectively. Overseeing people is a unique experience that requires a different mindset. We will discuss how to predict your team's reactions, account for everything, play fair, discipline, and up-level your team. You will create a culture of hard work, accountability, and learn how to give feedback properly. We will also discuss leading virtually and remotely.

Team Building

Strong workplace culture is key to success. We will discuss how to build a strong community and team to ensure high retention and employee satisfaction. Building a strong foundation for your business starts with a strong workplace culture.

Leadership & Business

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