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Personal Development

Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit

Build healthier habits to process challenging events. Learn how to feel through your emotions. Improve the quality of your connection with others. Re-focus your view of the world to serve you better.

Emotional Regulation

Learn how to feel through your emotions but not be subservient to them. I will teach you how to rise above your emotions by rethinking through challenges in a way that reduces fear, anger, and anxiety.

Processing Techniques

If you struggle with processing challenging events or people that impact you, I will help you develop healthier habits. My techniques are customized based on your natural mental and emotional health, so you can learn how to handle difficult situations in a way that is aligned with you.

Conflict Resolution

If you find yourself in conflict with others, I will show you how to focus on solutions and resolutions. We will practice deescalating situations while driving towards peace for all parties involved, and arrive at a solution agreeable to you.

Lifestyle Optimizations

Move from inhibiting habits to more holistic habits proven to be effective for grounding yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Become healthier from the inside and out. We will discuss every day habits such as your diet, water, sleep, exercise, home-living situation, etc.

Bonds & Relationship

Learn how to navigate through new and existing relationships and determine if they are people who will help your future growth or make you regress. I can help you improve the quality of your connections with friends, lovers, family and colleagues. We'll work together to create more sustaining long-term relationships with the right people.


If you're feeling lost or unsure about your life's purpose, I will help you find clarity through lots of self-discovery exercises. We'll then work together to set goals and create realistic goal planning, which will help you execute, explore and ultimately realize your purpose.


Finally, I will help you re-learn how to navigate the world in a way that will foster your future growth. We'll reappraise events from childhood in order to help you move through life feeling more at peace with yourself and the ones who impacted you the most. Don't allow old events to prohibit you from living your best life.

Lifestyle & Empowerment

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Find your purpose
Focus on solutions

People go their whole lives trying to find and live out their life purpose. Those who find their purpose do not find it without preparation and proper goal setting. We will learn how to set goals together, create realistic goal planning, which will help you execute and find your purpose.











90% of problems can be resolved by empowering the person to fix it themselves.